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Now you can complete your LS/CS with in 3 Hours

1st Step 2nd Step 3rd Step Finaly
New Project Upload to Server Make Payment Download Drawing
Create new Project Upload Level Sheet
to Server
Make Payment Download Your
 LS/CS Drawing

About wajeeSOFT

wajeeSOFT firm provides quality and accuracy CAD Drafting Services to the Sections Drafting. Our online CAD services are targeted to provide sophisticated CAD solutions from Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to provide cost-effective CAD services in the civil engineering field. We offer best rate for longitudinal section and cross sections, 250 Rs. per longitudinal section and 100 Rs. per cross sections.

How we are Help you?

If you are in trouble with LS’s and CS’s ? Definitely we can help you. You must have simple thing to do. Send “Level Sheet” to us in electronic format such as Microsoft Excel. We can finish any number of sections within three hours. No need waste to time. see below instructions.

Simple Procedure there

  • Download Excel sheet and fill it or make your “Level Sheet” according to format in given below.

  • Go to Project  page and give the necessary information.

  • Upload it to our server.

  • Make payment.

  • Download completed drawing.